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Traditional Framed

Price Guide £40,000 - £80,000

Timeless cabinet making techniques and functional design are the cornerstones of our Traditional Framed range. The end result is a culmination of excellent contemporary kitchen design and traditional hand-crafted techniques.

With the roots of our company firmly embedded in the traditional cabinetmaking methods that thoroughly informed the way we produced our one-off designer-crafts pieces in the early years, we have a deep understanding of working with wood at the highest level. Drawers were painstakingly made with hand-cut dovetails and ran beautifully on old style wooden runners. Doors were mortice and tenoned and hung with solid brass butt hinges. This was how Jeremy Pearce, the company founder, had been taught during his five years of training and apprenticeship on the Furniture Design course at Newcastle Polytechnic. It was also the way that furniture makers had been working for a couple hundred years prior to that point!

That revolution of modular furniture-making that occurred in the 50s all of a sudden took a sharp turn in the mid 70s in this country. A huge revival of interest in making things like they always were was re-born. The framed-up kitchen was back in vogue, pioneered by a few companies who just happened to be deeply invested in the tradition of hand-crafted woodwork. They were Smallbone of Devizes, Woodstock in London and Newcastle Furniture Company up north.

Our take on framed up furniture is, and always has been, as proper as it is possible to be. Instead of modular units of standard sized cabinets with their own individual frame butting up against another, we use a continuous frame across the front of our custom sized cabinets optimising the internal cupboard space far more efficiently. A truly bespoke system, our Traditional English Framed range demonstrates the real value that a made to measure construction permits, whilst exhibiting true attention to detail, materials of the highest quality and un-compromising design and craftsmanship

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