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Our Story

Newcastle Furniture Company was established by two designer-craftsmen, Jeremy Pearce - a Furniture Design graduate from Newcastle Polytechnic and Tony Raven, a highly skilled cabinetmaker. Together both worked as apprentices making showcases at the Hancock Museum in Newcastle before entering into a partnership producing dressers and sideboards and other small pieces

With our roots firmly embedded in traditional English country furniture making we also had a fascination with 19th century east coast American Shaker design, as well as being influenced by contemporary 20th century Scandinavian and Italian designers.

Soon we were joined by a 3rd cabinet maker and took on the first of what would be many apprentices over the years and Newcastle Furniture Company was born - a straightforward name to suit a straightforward approach to making high quality furniture in the least pretentious style.

Initially the company simply produced one-off commissioned pieces for dining rooms and living rooms and, with the support of Crafts Council funding, we exhibited our pieces in the best craft galleries and exhibitions across the UK.

Soon enough we decided to foray into fitted kitchens following the ethos and high craft values of our free-standing pieces. Before long the ratio of freestanding to fitted furniture changed considerably, with most of our production at the workshops now fitted. Despite the growth of the company, we have retained our original ideals of quality, attention to detail and personal service. Our reputation for functional, understated and simple design is now firmly established. Not constrained by pre-determined ‘ranges' we look for appropriate solutions to your needs, in your space.

Our team of highly skilled cabinetmakers, wood-machinists and polishers have been producing excellent made-to-measure furniture in our Tyneside workshops using time-honoured handwork methods alongside modern wood machining and spray-shop finishing processes for four decades. Since the founders of the company have remained within in the business to this day, the same standard, ethos and commitment to producing some of the best made furniture available has never changed.

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