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Custom Made Modular

Price Guide £30,000 - £60,000

Our Custom-Made Modular range uses the concealed hinge system that revolutionised furniture making from the 1950s onwards. The finished product is modern, clean and straightforward cabinetry that is neither outright contemporary or ‘country cottagey’.

Much of the furniture made in this country today uses a modular arrangement with concealed hinges first developed in Italy in 1955 and pioneered in Germany in the 60s. Unlike most companies using this system, we work in a fully bespoke way, not relying on standardised cabinets that would prevent a truly made to measure finish. In our view there is time and place for both systems with both having their merits.

Our Custom-Made Modular range does not necessarily imply either a modern or contemporary style. Kitchens in this range can look timeless and fit very happily within both old and new homes where the outright modern is not the desired style. Alternatively, they can also be very contemporary in design.

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