We always tell our clients that the relationship does not finish on the last day of the fitting. We appreciate that people want to know that we will always be there on the end of the phone line to offer help and assistance in all matters...

We feel that if you are buying something as expensive and unique as a custom-made fitted kitchen, you will want to make sure it is looked after correctly. So, as a car dealer offers a ‘Free 12,000 Mile Service’, we have always offered our ‘Free 12 Month Service’. This applies to customers within range of our 3 main points of contact in the UK - London, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

We write to our customers around 11 months after the installation of all kitchens over a certain value and ask if they would like us to call by and check things over. Most say ‘why not!’. We look over the whole installation and for the most part there is nothing to comment on, but sometimes we do spot things. We might notice gaps between drawers and frames being a touch tight, or doors slightly out of square and we can correct the issue there and then. If anything needs a ‘call out’ from one of our fitters, our hand-painters, the stone worktop fabricators or an appliance service engineer, we arrange that for you. Whether or not we call round for our 12-month service, we are always prepared and happy to assist with any issues or questions about any aspect of the kitchen that we have made for you.

We firmly believe that the quality of installation and aftercare that Newcastle Furniture Company offers is as important at the quality of the furniture we make. The fact that we do take such care is one of the key reasons we have built such a loyal customer base over the decades.

We'd love to hear from you, please get in touch to see how we can help you with your dream kitchen.