What is a Framed Kitchen?

What is a Framed Kitchen?

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A framed kitchen or, an ‘In Frame’ kitchen as they are often called these days is simply a type of kitchen where the doors and the drawers sit within a frame that sits in front of and surrounds the carcass with the doors traditionally being hung from the frame on butt hinges.

This is how kitchens, and most cabinetry indeed, was always made, up until the invention of modular systems and modern concealed hinges which allowed the doors to be hung from inside the cabinet and therefore not needing a frame to sit within.

There really is no benefit to the Framed kitchen style or the modular style in terms of quality and practicality, if the furniture is being produced at a high level. When it comes to deciding which system you go with it purely comes down to taste and style. The framed version is often desired due to the aesthetic look of the frame producing a border around the cabinetry, lending itself to a classic and traditional look. The modular system tends to lend itself to a more sleek and modern look.

Our take on framed up furniture is, and always has been, as proper as it is possible to be. Instead of modular units of standard sized cabinets with their own individual frame butting up against another, we use a continuous frame across the front of our custom sized cabinets optimising the internal cupboard space far more efficiently.

A truly bespoke system, our Traditional English Framed range demonstrates the real value that a made to measure construction permits, whilst exhibiting true attention to detail, materials of the highest quality and un-compromising design and craftsmanship.

Please get in touch with one of our design team to hear more about our now quite unique take on proper continuous framing!

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