The beauty of Freestanding Furniture

The beauty of Freestanding Furniture

Posted by Jack Pearce on

We love free-standing kitchens here at Newcastle Furniture, and indeed for many years that is what we made before producing our first ‘’fitted’’ kitchen in 1985. Although gradually the fitted kitchen became the bulk of our workshop output, we’ve always took great pleasure in having a demand from many of our customers to continue producing our Free-Standing Range kitchens.

The Free-standing kitchen, or the un-fitted kitchen as many call it has been on rise again in recent years with many people seeing the real benefits of buying high quality pieces of furniture that can last for generations, using fewer of the planet’s material resources in manufacturing processes.

Not only do people see it as a smart investment and a conscious environmental decision but the style and versatility of the range has really caught the attention of many. Being able to create a textured and versatile space is very much possible; a splash of colour on an island, the mixture of different materials throughout the room, the incorporation of antique pieces alongside very contemporary and high-end appliances is all part of the appeal.

Being able to add to and develop your kitchen as your needs and demands from the space change over time is another great aspect of the Free-standing range. If you find you need that extra bit of storage or worktop space you can quite simply bring a dresser or a chef’s workbench into the fold!

One of the real benefits to the unfitted style is that it is completely possible to avoid the design and fitting process involved with the conventional kitchen. The essential idea behind our range of free-standing furniture is that it can, if required, be purchased directly from us via our website or following a phone call with one of our helpful designer-salespeople and put in place by yourself or local tradesperson.

If you’re interested in the Free-standing range, whether that’s a completely unfitted project or a series of pieces to compliment your current kitchen then please give us a call, we’d love to discuss your options with you!

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